Jeremy Lee Designs is proud to show off the testimonials from the various people and companies we help. These testimonials are straight from the customer in raw form. If you would like to send in a testimonial about a product, service, web design project or anything else please feel free to send it in by clicking on contact us. Your testimonial truly tells us how we are doing and sometimes gives us a great boost to push even harder. Thank you for all of your wonderful testimonials!

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Thanks Jeremy!  I have been seeing the results as we ask how people hear about us.  There has been a big increase in google and internet as the means for which they learn about us!  Great job!!

Stephanie Denney, Emergency Physicians Medical Center, Gainesville FL


"I just looked at my site and its perfect. Thank you so much for making the changes. I greatly appreciate it!

Alanna DeVaughn, Lifestyle & Beauty Blogger, Gainesville FL


"The site looks fantastic. You did a great job as usual!"

Adam Stevenson, Stevenson Home Builders, Starke FL


Love the logo for Faith In Visions Realized, Amanda!!! It’s cheerful and meaningful and comforting all at the same time.

Peg O'Connor, Turner O'Connor Kozlowski Innovations In Law, Gainesville FL


I just recently launched my new business and was new to the advertising/ website design side of the market. Jeremy provided me with extra insight into how to better show case my services. In addition to the valuable insight and extra care, Jeremy was and still is prompt in responding to my questions in an efficient manner! If I were to describe his services it would be "Fantastic and Personalized Care!"

Amanda Pagan, LMHC, Faith In Visions Realized, Gainesville FL


Thanks so much for sending the logo! It’s been a huge hit. Everyone was very excited about it (we showed them yesterday at the board meeting) and want to use it on various items coming up soon. Thanks so much for all your hard work!

Gabrielle Repik, BA, RLATG, President-elect of FAALAS, Gainesville FL


WOW—you don’t mess around. It looks terrific!!!!!

Louis C. Gapenski, PhD, Gapenski & Associates, University of Florida, Gainesville FL


Thank you so much for helping us with the website and the wedding itself! The site was phenomenal and more than what I ever expected or could ask for!

Christie Plough, Bride for Plough Wedding, Gainesville FL


Thank you so much for all the effort you have put into our wonderful new website.  This is a terrific way to start the New Year. It is so appreciated and I ‘m sure it will continue to evolve and grow.  Thank you for all your hard work!

Rabbi Cantor Patricia Ernest Hickman, Temple Israel of Brevard, Melbourne FL


Thanks for all your great work!

Frank Anderson, Gainesville Junior Golf Tour, Gainesville FL


Hello Jeremy just want to say I love the blog thanks

Jessee Roberts, RBT Marine Services, Winter Garden FL


Really like what you did on banners, Very creative! Thanks much and good show!

Ron Kutz, DTRT Advisors, Gainesville FL


I love it!!! I think it works beautifully, and is far more elegant than I had planned. I am as happy as is legally allowed, THANK YOU for your help and kindness!

Marita Kay, Interiors By Design Online, Inc, Lady Lake FL


Wow…I am very impressed with the site! Good Stuff Jeremy!

Scott Gapinski, President of Gaptec Inc., Gainesville FL


Hi Jeremy! We were so proud to unveil our website this morning :) Lots of compliments on the design, the sleek navigation, etc! GREAT JOB!

Chelsea Hilend, Associate Director of Outreach and Prevention, The Grove Counseling Center, Inc., Longwood FL


You are doing a FABULOUS job!!!! Thank you!

Marita Kay, Interiors By Design Online, Inc, Lady Lake FL


My site looks beautiful! Thank you for your hard work!

Maureen Nichols, Maureen & Co "Paradise For Hair", Gainesville FL


I was impressed with the way you listened to me on the phone and your professional demeanor! Thank you!

Marita Kay, Interiors By Design Online, Inc, Lady Lake FL


Thanks, Jeremy, you have been doing an incredible job!

Rebecca Weaver, Tripality.com, Vero Beach FL


I spent some time going through your website. My overall impression is very good. It has a nice, clean, professional feel. (http://www.pvbenterprises.com/)

Barry Jacobson, President, Solar Impact, Inc.


Thank you Jeremy Lee Designs, you did a wonderful job developing our website, it is user friendly and we are very happy with the outcome. Your company was prompt and professional at all times.

Rebecca Weaver, Tripality.com, Orlando FL


WOW!!! What a BEAUTIFUL job you and your team have done on Osceola Children's Cabinet!

Chelsea Hilend, Associate Director of Outreach and Prevention, The Grove Counseling Center, Inc., Longwood FL


Thank you very much! I can see that you worked a lot on my site. I do like the photos you chose! They fit very well! I appreciate that very much. Thank you.

Ulrike Bening, Psychologist and Psychotherapist, Self-Esteem Revolution, Gainesville FL


Thank you Jeremy. You are so awesome!

Tricia Sheldon, Director of Program Development, Park Place Behavioral Healthcare, Kissimmee FL


I see all work you did. The resizing and shadowing of the photos and pictures, the rearanging, sizing, color and shadowing of the lettering, the better back ground colors with texture and shading, and the links to a map. You obviously spent hours doing this and it looks way better than the flyer. I agree with your idea of keeping information uniform on the web site. You always do outstanding work.

John Bennett, IT Expert, Gainesville FL


It looks awesome....you have done a great job!!!!! You and your team had a lot of work with this one...... and have really gone above and beyond...Thank You!! and your guys!

Cory Mansell, CEO of Shop The Matrix, Gainesville FL


I have been Using Jeremy Lee Designs for about a year now and he is wonderful! I can't believe I waited to change companies. He built my new website (www.cfpools.com) and gave it a much needed face lift from my old site. His prices are reasonable and changes are done quickly! If I call and he is unable to answer he shoots me a text or an email to let me know he seen my call. Great customer service, great prices, great turn around, great personality! Thanks so Much Jeremy!! I would recommend this company with out a doubt!

Heather Linton, President of Carefree Solutions LLC, Dallas TX


Jeremy, you did an awesome job!!! We absolutely love them! Thank you!!!

Heather Goodman, Gainesville FL


Great, thank you for your help with this. This was perfect Jeremy! Thank You!

Sarah Tyson, CHP University of Florida, Gainesville FL


I LOVE the design you did! That’s why you do that for a living HAHA! (Business Cards for CFPools)

Heather Linton, President of Carefree Solutions LLC, Dallas TX


By the way, it looks awesome. Everything I hoped for! (http://arkfinancialgroup.info)

Vanessa Maynard, President of Ark Financial Group, Lake City FL


Thank you. I think it looks great! (http://johnezra.com)

Kelly McMillan, John Ezra Music, Singer/Song Writer, Gainesville FL


As a start-up entrepreneur it was very difficult for me to see the forest for the trees, all I knew is that I wanted a professional looking website, but had no direction on how to get there. I initially started working with Premier Creative and we were unable to have a meeting of the minds (they could not create the vision I was visualizing). After speaking with Jeremy about my ideas he was able to grasp my internal vision and transform it into the informative and functional website I was looking for but unable to put in words.  Although most of my interactions with Jeremy was through e-mail it was like dialoging with someone who had a vested interest in my success. In this day and age to find this level of personal service, especially in the electronic world, was both refreshing and relieving. Because I believe quality and extraordinary customer service are key components to a successful business, I am one of the toughest critics when it comes to defining quality and customer service. Without reservation I can truly say Jeremy Lee Designs is the total package. He is a top-notch designer with a passion for clear and practical approaches to creating websites and making customers feel like their success matters.

Glenda Shaw, President/Founder, Alabama Community Education, Montgomery AL


The site looks great! We appreciate all of your hard work and dedication to the site.

Chris Linton, President of Carefree Solutions LLC, Dallas TX


The site looks AWESOME (Allen Research Group)!  I really LOVE what you’ve done. It's simple, but very elegant and professional looking.

Josephine Allen Ph.D., Professor MSE, University of Florida, Gainesville FL


That looks good (Materials Science & Engineering website). Thanks for the quick response!

Elliot P. Douglas, Associate Chair and Associate Professor, Materials Science & Engineering University of Florida, Gainesville FL


Jeremy built a great website for us, but more than that,he has been extremely professional and very easy to communicate with. Which is key to any successful business relationship. So hats off to you for your unwavering dedication to your clients.

Tahirih Chappell, Steam Master, Tallahassee FL


Very nice site you got there (LatinoBaseball.com). Very nice job!

Bredvig, Rocket Theme, Dublin Ireland


Jeremy, are you serious........? ! ? ! ? ! ? ! ?.  This totally exceeds my expectations!  Premier Creative could take lessons from you. Overall, AWESOME JOB! Thanks so much!

Glenda Shaw, Alabama Community Education, Montgomery AL


Jeremy Lee Designs built me an aesthetically pleasing and rock solid website.  I came to them with my idea and they built a wonderful website around it.  For the most part I let the JLD team do what they do best, build my website, however when I wanted something just so on the website it was promptly changed.   I am so glad I didn’t try to build my online presence on my own with one of the cookie cutter templates.  Their pricing is fair and they were transparent with how they came up with the price.  I would absolutely recommend Jeremy Lee Designs to any of my friends and associates.

Aaron Gibbs, PVB Enterprises, Gainesville FL


I love it!  It looks great, worth the wait ;). Thanks Jeremy!

Robbi Sukanek, Community Relations Manager, Lakeside Behavioral Healthcare, Inc., Orlando FL


I have viewed many of your designs and I think you have mad talent!!!

Glenda Shaw, Alabama Community Education, Montgomery AL


Thanks again for the wonderful work. The use of vacation pictures was a blessing to my heart. The website looks fabulous. I am seriously grateful for your talents and love what you have done. The recording sounds awesome on the message, and Tampa confirmed they were able to hear it. ( YOU ARE THE BEST) Thanks for EVERYTHING !!!

Jennifer & David Clevenger, DEC Ministry, Foley AL


Jeremy, thank you very much! You all are always very professional.

Chon Romero, Sports Writer, Orlando FL


I must say you did a heck of a job with the entire site. The banner, data sheet, roll over links, social networking links, layout, email address collecting, speaking request form, etc., and I especially think that those other pictures you found and added really brings the site to life more than anything. This is even better than what I was hoping for. I like it a lot! Good job, bro!

Kendrick Scott, Sit Down Somewhere (Motivational Speaker former FSU star), Tallahassee FL


The website is really looking good.  Thank you for all of your efforts on it!

Regina Esterman, Haile Equestrian, Gainesville FL


Looks good! Thanks.

Debby Delmore, The Delmore Brothers, Alabama


THANKS IT LOOKS ABSOLUTELY AMAZING!!! (Custom Graphic For Pepsi Challenge)

Cara Clark, Pepsi Challenge, Miami FL


The site (Custom Lighting Inc.) looks really great, thank you for the work you have put into it and redoing the site from what we previously had!

Barbara Estes, Custom Lighting Inc., Alachua FL


Your new website (Saving Animals For Everyone) looks great!

Jacqui Janetzko, Star-Banner Ocala.com, Ocala FL


Web site looks great! Thanks again.

Darren Lewis, Skydive Amelia Island, Amelia Island FL


This website (Esther's Joy) is so beautiful!

Pastor Cheryl Carter, The Rock of Gainesville, Gainesville FL


Wow... I really think it looks fantastic! I love what you did with the images on the main page. Thank you for incorporating the social networking and mailing lists! I love what you've done!

Thank you!

Michelle Donovan, Esther’s Joy, Gainesville FL


Thanks. This looks very good!

Simon Phillpot, Material Science & Engineering, Faculty Page Gainesville FL


BTW I don’t know if I ever told you but everyone here is very pleased with the website. I’ve gotten a lot of positive feedback.

Julie Halloway, Park Place Behavioral Healthcare, Kissimmee FL


NOW THAT'S WHAT I'M TALKING ABOUT...GREATWORK !!  ZING ZANG BOOM !!!!!!!!! THANK YOU again for helping us. Your our hero!!!

Lilly Baron, Saving Animals For Everyone, Anthony FL


The site looks AWESOME! We love it! Again, thank you so much for such beautiful work, it is exactly how we wanted it! It was very nice working with you!

Thank you,

Marie Trempe, Autism Oasis For Kids, High Springs FL


It looks so good. We are excited and glad to finally have the website up and running. We are very happy with how you filled in areas on your own research.

Thank you!

Crystal, Tiger Tattoos, Kissimmee FL


WELL DONE, Jeremy!  It looks great, too. Thank you. I like the idea that they don’t have to get another email, but go straight to the next page.  I even checked my aweber account and found my name. GREAT!  This may be a big help for my site.  WELL DONE.


Fred Haley, Toast Master, Jacksonville FL


Our IT department came up in a casual conversation yesterday and I thought you would be happy to know that everyone spoke so highly of you. We all greatly appreciate your time, patience and assistance. I know you have come to my rescue on countless occasions and I am sure in the stress of the moment I forgot to thank you profusely.

Thanks for all you do!

Christa Richmond, Information Specialist, Department of Physical Therapy, Gainesville FL


I Love the comment section!!!!!!  Thanks so much!  We will definitely be using this on future articles, and possibly adding it to the intranet…..thanks again!  Also, saw the new sight you did for our competitor!!!!  Looks great!  I'm glad that worked out for you, but when you put out a good product I am sure the work comes to you!

Robbi Sukanek, Public Relations Manager Lakeside Behavioral Helathcare, Orlando FL


The site (Latino Baseball) is looking great!  Thanks.

Kenneth Alexander, R. Paniagua Internet Relations Manager, NY NY


The website looks absolutely fantastic!! You far exceeded my expectations on this. I love everything that you added. We tested the email and quote things last night and they work great. I love the design and little creative things that you did to enhance the overall look of it. It really looks GREAT man!! I am so happy with it!

Adam Stevenson, Stevenson Home Builders, Starke FL


Good job on the graphics, I'm very pleased.  The corners on the header, nice touch. Thanks for the good work!

John Bennett, Lovely Orchids, Gainesville FL


Thank you for the for the great website and the excellent communication. We are very happy and the site looks great!

Greg Sarantis, Reliable Service Contracts, Tampa FL


Good seeing you yesterday at the game.  Your website looks great, congrats.

Albert Bordas, KP Lawfirm, Orlando FL


Working with Jeremy Lee Designs has been an extremely positive experience. Our websites look beautiful and much care was taken down to the smallest detail.

Ralph Paniagua, Rpaniagua.com, Viva Domino, Latino Baseball, Latino Boxing, Latin Beat TV & Tropical Music Festival, NY NY