Below in our portfolio are some of the sites that my team, Jeremy Lee Designs, and I have personally worked on and created from scratch. This is not a complete portfolio, but this should give you a great idea of what Jeremy Lee Designs is capable of. From University sites to Non-Profit and everything in between, our portfolio shows that we love to be creative and build a site that matches the client and their needs.

As you will see in the portfolio below, a majority of these sites are Content Management Systems like Joomla, WordPress and there are some that are strict HTML. Jeremy Lee Designs prefers CMS type sites because the client can easily take the site themselves and make almost all changes themselves. Some people say that we are crazy for making it so easy for our customer, but we say that we love doing this because the customers are in control. If the customer wants they can edit their own content. If they do not want to touch it, Jeremy Lee Designs is there as well to help and make any changes necessary with maintenance plans and more.

One way to verify that we have created the sites that are listed is to scroll to the very bottom of the site. For most of these sites you will see that they were designed by Jeremy Lee Designs. Another way is to contact the site owner to verify that Jeremy Lee Designs created the site. Either way, I would recommend that before you hire a company to build your site, verify that they have actually built the sites that they claim in their portfolio. Do not just take their word for it! Jeremy Lee Designs would love to help you with your web-design needs. Please feel free to contact us for a quote on your next project!

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